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Uncovering large scale MIMO technology: key factor of 5G super high speed rate 2020-03-13

Uncovering large scale MIMO technology: key factor of 5g super high speed rate

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In 5 gera, even if the signal is only one or two boxes, we can download files, video chat or watch online movies without any scruple. In most cases, these are as smooth as listening to music online.

5g large-scale MIMO (multiple input and multiple output) technology is one of the keys to open these5guser experiences.

What is large scale MIMO?

MIMO system has been widely used in wireless communication - mobile devices and networks generally use multiple antennas to enhance connectivity, improve network speed and user experience.

Now, with the design of the new5gNR network, MIMO technology has a new look. By deploying a large number of antennas on the base station, large-scale MIMO can bring far more performance than traditional systems.

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Uncover large scale MIMO technology

There are three key concepts in the construction of MIMO system: spatial diversity, spatial multiplexing and beamforming

Spatial diversity and spatial reuse

Spatial diversity is one of the main advantages of MIMO technology. In short, diversity aims at improving the reliability of the system by simultaneous interpreting the same data on different propagation paths or paths.

Spatial multiplexing

Spatial diversity has gradually evolved into a more complex concept, namely "spatial reuse". Its significance is not only to improve the performance through the diversity of air channels, but also to transmit multiple messages at the same time, and in the process of transmission, each way does not interfere with each other.

We can imagine that there is a data transmission pipeline between the base station and the mobile phone in the mobile network, and there is an antenna on the base station and the mobile phone, and the data that the pipeline can transmit is very limited. If more antennas can be deployed on the base station and mobile phone, and appropriate space separation can be carried out, multiple virtual channels can be established between the mobile phone and the base station, so as to achieve a large number of data transmission.


Another key wireless technology is beamforming. Through advanced antenna technology on mobile devices and network base stations, it can gather wireless signals in a specific direction, rather than spread to a wide area. Just like the difference between a flashlight and a laser pen, the former can illuminate the whole room, while the latter can continuously point or track individual users.

3D beamforming

With the increase of the number of antennas in MIMO system, beamforming becomes "3D beamforming". 3D beamforming technology can generate user oriented horizontal and vertical beams, so as to improve the data transmission rate and capacity of all users, including users on the top floor of high-rise buildings.

With the feedback of mobile terminal, the beam can find any point in the space. Therefore, whether users are moving in the street or between different floors of the building, they can connect to the network through the converged beam. In addition, the interference between beams in different directions can be reduced by the slender direct beam.

Multiuser MIMO

MIMO technology also allows multiple users to share network resources at the same time. Multi user MIMO (or MU-MIMO) allows different users' data to be transmitted through the same pipeline, and classifies the data when it reaches the device.

Multiuser MIMO

It is similar to the delivery process of online shopping orders. Your order shares a transportation space with the orders of other users in the truck, but can only be delivered to the designated recipients in the end. MU-MIMO provides services for multiple users with the same transmission pipeline, which can make better use of network resources to improve network capacity, and provide users with better data download and transmission experience even in congested areas of the network.

In addition, the network can dynamically switch between single and multiple user services. In single user mode, the beam is more direct and the power is more concentrated; in multi-user mode, the beam is often wider because the data may be scattered in all directions.

What can large-scale MIMO bring?

Large scale MIMO is the key factor of5gultra-high data rate. Summarizing the above concepts, it can bring greater network capacity, wider signal coverage and better user experience, and bring5g's potential to a new level.

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