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How to enhance the signal of walkie talkie? March 4,2020.

How to enhance the signal of walkie talkie?

① Increase the launching height: outdoor players who often play with the handsets have such experience. When the signal is not good, stand higher. In fact, with the increase of the transmitting height, the coverage of the radio transmitting signal increases, which can greatly improve the communication effect.

② Improve the communication sensitivity: when the general hand-held walkie talkie leaves the factory, the sensitivity has been adjusted to the best state according to the relevant technical requirements, so it is not allowed to adjust the receiving sensitivity of the walkie talkie without the guidance of professional instruments and technicians. If you want to further improve the communication sensitivity, you can use a high gain antenna, but pay attention to ensure that the antenna is in the same frequency band.

whireless Tactical antenna UHF

③ Choose a wide communication environment and direction: when the radio wave of the walkie talkie is in the open area without obstacles, the loss of radio wave propagation is the minimum. The reinforced concrete buildings in the city absorb the electric wave seriously, and the outdoor use should avoid the block of the surrounding tall buildings or trees.

④ Increase the antenna length: Generally speaking, the special extended hand table antenna is better than the original hand table antenna; the vehicle antenna is better than the small whip antenna; the rod antenna is better than the vehicle antenna; the multi unit unidirectional antenna is better than the rod antenna.

whireless Tactical antenna UHF

⑤ Enhance the transmitting power: the transmitting power of the hand station is related to the voltage and capacity of the battery. When the hand station is fully charged, the transmitting power is high, otherwise it is small. The interphone with large capacity battery can effectively improve the transmission power. For example, Beifeng 511uv walkie talkie has three transmit power options: high (5W), medium (3w) and low (1W). When it is convenient to use, it can be adjusted according to distance, environment and other factors.

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