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Advantages of Nb IOT wireless communication technology January 8,2020.

Advantages of Nb IOT wireless communication technology

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The narrow band Internet of things (NB IOT) is built on the cellular network, which has the advantages of low power consumption, wide coverage, low cost and strong link, making its traditional measurement transmission easy to deploy and manage. The advantages are detailed as follows.

1. Strong link

In the case of the same base station, Nb IOT can provide 50-100 times more access than the existing wireless technology. A sector can support 100000 connections, low latency sensitivity, low device power consumption and optimized network architecture.

4G IOT antenna

Reference link: https://www.whwireless.com/small-dimension-high-performance-magnet-antenna_p485.html

2. Wide coverage

Compared with LTE, Nb IOT has strong indoor and basement coverage, with a gain of 20dB, which is equivalent to 100 times of coverage area capacity. It can not only meet the needs of wide coverage in rural areas, but also can be applied to plant areas, underground garages, well covers and other applications requiring deep coverage. Take the well cover monitoring as an example. In the past, GPRS needs to extend an antenna, which is very easy to be damaged when vehicles travel. As long as NB IOT is properly deployed, it can solve this problem. Intelligent well cover monitoring has solutions, and provides equipment and solutions for many cities.

3. Low power consumption

Low power consumption is an important indicator requirement for Internet of things applications, especially for some devices and occasions that can't replace batteries frequently, such as various kinds of sensor monitoring devices installed in remote areas of mountains and wilderness, and power voltage monitoring devices, which can't be charged like smart phones one day, so the battery life for several years is the essential demand. NB IOT focuses on small data volume and small rate applications, so the power consumption of Nb IOT equipment can be very small, and the endurance working time of the equipment can be greatly increased from the past few months to several years.

4. Low cost

Compared with Lora andZigBee,NbIOT does not need to be rebuilt, and RF and antenna are basically multiplexing. Taking China Mobile as an example, 900MHz has a relatively wide frequency band. Only a part of2Gfrequency band needs to be cleared, and LTE and Nb IOT can be deployed directly at the same time. Low speed, low power consumption and low bandwidth also bring low cost advantages to NB IOT chips and modules.


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